The Kreen Revolution.


Kolbenring India�s Green initiative which has been aptly named The Kreen Revolution.

Kolbenring's india is committed to any envirionment friendly intiative and it is our endavour to educate and demonstrate to all our clients and potential clients the advantages of using the best sealing solution for every application. Kolbenring's commitment includes designing and manufacturing custom Piston Rings that reduce the carbon footprint of an application. Proper sealing can help decrease the amount of leakage in an application. The leakage that is reduced can be substances that are harmful to the environment such as Fuel or Gases from an engine. Greater sealing performance lessens the carbon footprint via greater efficiency and contributes to a healthier, safer environment.

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Materials & Coatings

Piston Rings are the rings that seal the gap between a ring and the cylinder and are mostly used for mechanical work and in cars. Kolbenring India Piston Rings are used by a variety of industries. Earlier Piston Rings were very different from what technology has given us today. The modern Piston Rings have steel based body with an annular shape and an outer peripheral face.

When not properly cared for there can be various problems that arise with Piston Rings. An improperly lubricated shaft will result in damage being done to the Piston Rings. As long as they are properly cared for, Piston Rings can last a long time and problem free thanks to being made to tolerate a high level of wear and tear –precisely the reason they are used in the making and maintenance of automobiles and other engines. Another advantage of these rings are that even under high thermal load it does not suffer from thermally induced destruction or welding of Piston Ring groove. This is because due to its homogenous structure it avoids the problem of metal bonds of Piston Rings.

Nowadays there really is a huge variety of Piston Rings; some with iron alloys, other made of steel—all of which stand up much better than earlier Piston Rings. Good quality Piston Rings will guarantee breakage resistance, reduced ring side wear, reduced groove side wear, improved heat resistance, and a longer service life.

Piston Rings are manufactured of different materials and coatings depending upon their end use and industry.

We manufacture Piston Rings from various materials as per client specifications and needs. Some of the popular materials are as follows:

  • > Cast Iron
  • > Ductile Iron (S G Iron)
  • > Steel
  • > Phospho Bronze
  • > Sintered Iron
  • > Sintered Bronze
  • > Brass

Some of the coatings we offer are as follows:

  • > Chrome plating
  • > Moly Coating
  • > Inlaid Moly coating
  • > Copper Alloy Coating
  • > Ptfe Coating
  • > Ceramic Coating

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